Housebreaking Part 1

Housebreaking Part 1

Housebreaking is a term that just means toilet etiquette for puppies. Training your furry buddy the proper way to relieve itself is the very first step of training and adjustment to its new home.

Inside, Outside, or Both?

It’s the most important question, which you need to answer even before you take your furry buddy home. Do you want to toilet train it inside or outside? Or do you wish to mix both? It depends on your personal preference and your living situation. There is no wrong or right way.

Indoor Potty Training

Obviously, if you live in a building without easy access to the street or a yard, then this is the appropriate potty training for your dog since short and repeated trips outsides will virtually be impossible.

Set aside space in your house as an exclusive space for toilet use. Be sure that the area is away from your pooches water and food.

Please note that indoor training is best suited for dogs of a smaller breed.  If you are planning to get a large breed, like a Labrador, indoor potty training is impractical.

Also, be reminded that if you indoor train your pup; you may have to frequently deep clean to remove stains and smells of accidents.

Outdoor Potty Training

If you have access to a yard or a quiet street, then you owe it to your home, dog, and yourself to do the training outdoors.

Evidently, potty training outdoors is easier and cleaner since once your four-legged buddy gets trained, there is less chance of mess on the floors and carpets in your house.

On the other hand, you will need to brave the weather of the outdoors - rain, sleet, or snow, scoop your pooch’s poop, and properly discard it.